Dhanggan Gudjagang

Dhanggan Gudjagang – meaning ‘Mother & Baby’

At Yerin Eleanor Duncan, we want to make sure our kids get the best start in life and that they are being born into happy, healthy families. The Dhanggan Gudjagang Team believes every mother and baby deserves a positive birth and parenting experience and supports clients in accessing comfortable, culturally safe services.

​The Dhanggan Gudjagang Team provides

  • ​Support to women throughout their pregnancies
  • Advice on women’s business
  • Contraception education and advice
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Post-birth care for mum and bub
  • Advice on child development, such as nutrition, immunisation and milestone development
  • Support for clients when dealing with the mainstream health system.
The team also provides support to clients and families who are at risk of or experiencing domestic and family violence.

To find out more about the Dhanggan Gudjagang Team or to book an appointment with us, call (02) 4351 1040.