Integrated Team Care

Gurayi-Biyn Yadha – meaning ‘You Mob Are Well’

Yerin Eleanor Duncan is here to help our clients manage their chronic health issues. If a client has been diagnosed with a chronic health issue (diabetes, respiratory disease, kidney disease, heart disease or cancer), they can become an Integrated Team Care (ITC) client. The ITC assists clients to receive the health care they need.

The team can

  • ​Transport clients to and from appointments
  • Organise doctor’s appointments
  • Arrange appointments with specialists
  • Follow up with clients on their health plan
  • Make home visits
  • Get prescriptions filled and delivered
  • Attend medical appointments with clients
  • Advocate for clients to be able to access culturally appropriate services.
If you think you would benefit from being an ITC client, discuss it with your doctor at your next visit or contact us on (02) 4351 1040.