Ma-GuwaG- Suicide Prevention

Ma-GuwaG – Hey, take care

Ma-GuwaG Suicide Prevention

Our Suicide Prevention Program, Ma-GuwaG (‘hey, take care’ in Darkinjung language), focuses on suicide prevention and mental wellness, and provides targeted and culturally responsive community awareness and help seeking programs.

The team is made up of two Mental Health Workers available to support Aboriginal members of our community living on Darkinjung country. The Mental Health Workers are supported by an experienced team of Aboriginal Health Practitioners, GPs, a Mental Health Nurse and psychologists.

It is important that as a community we acknowledge what has happened in the past, by providing programs that work towards building resilience and help seeking behaviours. Collectively, we can work towards healing from our trauma and reducing loss due to suicide in our communities.

Services Include

  • Yerin Eleanor Duncan
  • Support accessing Yerin workers
  • Yarning groups
  • Support to self-assess mental health
  • Access to cultural activities including ‘on country’
  • Access to wellbeing groups like YERINFIT
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Group training to better understand mental health and supports available
  • Increased access to information and resources, including after hours
  • Support activities and group sessions to build resilience and safe networks
  • Support in seeking additional health and wellbeing services

There are many reasons why people think about ending their lives – some of the common experiences include:

  • Being abused, bullied or isolated from family and friends
  • Significant loss (such as a child, life partner, community member)
  • Major life stresses (relationship breakdown, legal or financial problems)
  • Chronic pain and illness (including mental illness)
  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Alcohol and/or drug use
  • Off country – away from kin, extended family and community supports
  • Childhood trauma

You might be experiencing a combination of the above in your life, and this might be why you feel overwhelmed. If this describes what you are feeling, you can access support from Yerin Eleanor Duncan’s Mental Health workers.

Call: 02 4351 1040 or 1800 493 746

If you are in immediate danger or need after hours support, call one of the below services: